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Sentry Smart Alerts

Only giving you the alerts that count.

Eliminate Notification Clutter with

Sentry Smart Alerts for Blue Iris

How It Works

Blue Iris detects Motion

Sentry AI screens for only the meaningful alerts

You receive Smart Alerts via email, text, or in-app notifications

What our customers say about us

90% Reduction in False Alerts

By applying our artificial intelligence to Blue Iris' motion detection system, Sentry Smart Alerts is able to identify what motion is worth your attention.

Good-bye alerts triggered by rustling trees, changes in lighting, and specks of dust


and Hello meaningful notifications for your kids coming home and loitering suspicious characters.

Intelligence Backed Alerts

Daily Smart Reports: Review all the important activity your camera saw in one comprehensive daily image.

Real Time: Get alerts immediately when important activity occurs, not after it happens.

Easy to Understand: Understand why each Smart Alert was sent with our live-image graphics.

Complete Privacy

We value your privacy.

That's why none of your data ever touches human eyes. Instead, we chose to process your private data and images using the industry standard: black box processing.

Learn more about black box processing here.

Pricing Plans

Monthly Plan

Auto-renewal monthly

24/7 Sentry Smart Alert for 1 month

Support up to 5 cameras

Customer service

Single Camera Plan

Auto-renewal yearly

24/7 Sentry Smart Alert for 1 year

Supports 1 camera

High priority customer service

Annual Plan

Auto-renewal yearly

Most Popular

24/7 Sentry Smart Alert for 1 year

Support up to 10+ cameras

High priority customer service

Annual Plan +

Latest Blue Iris license


1 Full Blue Iris license (Retail value at $59.95)

24/7 Sentry Smart Alert for 1 year

Support up to 10+ cameras

High priority customer service



Supports most camera models

Responsive customer support

5-minute set up

30-day money back guarantee

Alerts via text, email, or app

Monthly & Annual plans available

15-day free trial

Worldwide Customer Community

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