Who is Lila?
Lila is our voice-enabled virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence technology to see, hear, think and talk on your behalf.
Lila aims to provide the most reliable home security solution to every family in the U.S. and worldwide.
Precise Alerts, Effective Actions
False Alarms? No Longer.

Our engineers use modern machine learning and computer vision techniques to send alerts only when they are serious. Not when it's just a cute pet, shadow, or car.

Beat The Bad Guys

If a stranger shows up, Lila will interact with them in a way they will not expect.


Yes, we use natural voice understanding and text-to-speech technologies to ruin burglars' plans.

Start Saving With Sentry

Configure your existing cameras with our software and start saving on security and insurance bills. No need to purchase a fancy security system or overpay for constant human monitoring.


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